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2nd January 2010
Seamus (Jim) HUTTON sadly passed away at his home in Carlow on 1/1/2010
"You gonna be missed Jim, such a lovely funny man who cared so much,
now with your beloved Freddie."
Rest in Peace Jim Hutton
04/01/1949 - 01/01/2010

2nd December 2009
My website A friend of Queen is 5 years old today, it was intially known as magic-vision, but my good wife Claire came up with a better name ;), thankyou to everyone who have visited and those who have left messages in my guestbook and contacted through email. Queen will live forever and I will be part of it..Rock on Queenies. Andy
24th November 2009
4th October 2009
Something Special...birthday card signed to me from Brian May & Roger Taylor...
I'll treasure this forever :)
5th August 2009
The Freddie Mercury Rose page has now been changed around, more photos have been added and I will add some tips to this page in the future. I have also started changing around my Queen Room page, it's in progress and will have more photos and more info. Check back soon. A little taster of a couple of new pics of the QR...
9th April 2009
I now have photos online of the replica Garden Lodge door I made for my Queen room, for info and link check out my projects page. And more pages have been changed and more items added. Convention 09 pics coming soon.
12th March 2009
A few weeks ago I decided to recreate the entrance gate to Garden Lodge and make it as an entrance to my Queen room. As you can see below it came out quite well. More photos to follow very soon.
16th January 2009
The downloads page and the tour downloads pages have both now been deleted. I decided to delete them as there were too many mp3 websites linking directly to these files and also too many visitors from my space linking directly to these tracks in their mp3 players. I am not a free hosting service for these sites, sorry.
24th November 2008
25th October 2008
I have another new page uploaded that includes some items from the cosmos rocks tour and the cosmos rocks album. Click here or go to the memorabilia page. There have also been a few more photos of my latest buys added to there relative catergory, check em out. Also I have been getting many inquiries of where you can obtain the Freddie Mercury Rose, well there is a another nursery which is making them available for sale. The contact information is on my Freddie Rose page along with new photos of my roses taken this year.
23rd October 2008
New pages have been uploaded. Some items from montreux that are in my collection are now online and I have also finished the Queen Art page which has photos of ltd edition prints, drawings and paintings that are part of my collection. More additions coming soon.
26th September 2008
I have a review now up of the Queen + Paul Rodgers concert I attended at the Bercy in Paris. You can find the review on my events page or click here to go direct to the webpage.
9th September 2008

Over the last few months I have been gradualy changing pages and updating more pages with items from my collection, it is a slow process as I dont have much time because of work commitments. My Cd singles page has had a revamp and I have now included scans along with a photo of my item. The books page also has had a change. I have started to change the Queen Room page and it's in progress as is my Queen art page, hoping to have these pages uploaded shortly. Additionally I have new pages I am currently working on. I have also decided not to include my Queen cuttings here, I have hundreds of cuttings from newspapers and magazines. Instead I am going to send a selection of them over to Ale at to use on his great website. I also have a facebook profile now along with my myspace profile, Queen fans are always welcome to add me.

The Queen & PR tour is also fast approaching and I will be attending the Paris gig only, if you are going hope to see you there.

5th September 2008
11th April 2008
My video And dvd page has had a revamp and they now have there own pages with more items added. I have also uploaded more autographs that were obtained at the Queen convention. And at least 50 new photos have been added from my collection to various pages throughout the website. A new download has been added to the download page , the extended promo version of 'staying power'. There is loads of new stuff in progress and I want to try and get my Queen room page sorted very soon with more info and pics. And still to come my Queen art page. Busy times for da Queen nutter ;).
3rd April 2008
Well I have been constantly working on this website over the last month or so and I am regualry adding more new photos of my queen collection and gradually getting a lot of pages changed. A long process. I have new pages coming soon and have just uploaded a couple of new events one being the pictures from the 23rd Queen convention which was a brilliant weekend. My tv debt film is now linked on the site and once again on the events page. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has contacted me through the website with your kind comments and your interest in my collection & queenroom. I hope I inspire all you Queen fans out there to build your own Queen room :). Keep checking back for new updates.
3rd Febuary 2008

There are 2 new downloads available....enjoy. I also have a new video I been working on of the Queen room, I have rushed it through tonight to get in uploaded, hope you enjoy.



28th January 2008
Happy new year to all my visitors. I have revamped my autographs page with a new look and a bit more info. I have added new articles to the events page and put a couple of projects up from last year. More items from my collection have been added to the site including photograph's and info's, check my latest purchases page for direct links to the items. More updates to follow soon.
24th November 2007

Update 16th November 2007
A selection of pictures from the Oakdene Queen party have now been uploaded, check my events page for more infos. I have also added another year of love extended version. Check it out.
Update 8th October 2007
A new event has been done check my events page, also a new download on the downloads page...
Update 2nd October 2007
Got a new page up called events, loads of pics included and some things that have been going on in my Queen world, inc pics from the Freddie memorial day....please check it out (link on main menu). Got more stuff to go up yet as well as another new page called Queen Art. I'm gradually changing the site and improving the work I have done here for the last 3 years. Keep checking back for new updates.
Update 16th September 2007
The resources page has had a revamp, got banners included now, still got more too add. If you want your site there just let me know. Added a new download & started to change the lyrics section. Got a couple of new pages coming soon too, and hopefully get the new purchases photographed and online. I was at Montreux last weekend for the Freddie Memorial weekend, some pics are located on my myspace page.
Update 21st August 2007
I have added a 220 panoramic view of the Queen room, the photo was done by a local professional photographer and really shows the room in all it's glory. To view the image goto Queen room page.
Update 15th July 2007
The Freddie Mercury rose page has now been uploaded with information and pictures of my own rose bushes and how they have progressed over the last few months.
Update 21st May 2007

Welcome to the new look, I have moved the site to a new server and I have a new domain name so please update your bookmarks. There is still a lot of work to do here for me as you will see while browsing through the website and as time is limited for me I will try and get it all finished as soon as I can. I also have other pages to upload and new features but these will appear in the future sometime. Good news is that the downloads are back online, not much new yet but hope to get some new tracks uploaded very soon. When any changes are done on the site or new stuff has been added I will let you all know here, so keep checking back from time to time.

I'd also like to know your views on the new layout and feedback is always welcome so do please get in touch and dont forget to tell all your friends to visit sometime :).

See ya around