Below are projects I have put together over the years for my own personal satisfaction, none of the items below will be reproduced again and if I have spare time in the future I will most probably put other ideas I have to some good use and if it happens the details will appear here first.

Queen The Twelve Inches

Made in 2004
A CD I put together of extended versions of Queen tracks. This is different from the 12" collection that was part of the box of tricks boxset. I added tracks that in my opinion should of been on the Cd in the first place.
1...Staying power
2...Radio Gaga
3...I want to break free
4...It's a hard life
5...Hammer to fall
6...Man on the prowl
7...One vision
8...A kind of magic
9...Pain is so close to pleasure
12.The invisable man
Queen The Ballads

18 Great Ballads by Queen

Made in 2004

Another CD I thought deserved a release, so made my own with my own preference of songs.
1...Love of my life
2...You take my breath away
5...Dreamers ball
6...Lily of the valley
7...In the lap of the gods (revisted)
8...My melocholy blues
9...Sail away sweet sister
10.Life is real
11.One year of love
12.Who wants to live forever
13.Is this the world we created
14.The show must go on
15.These are the days of our lives
16.No one but you
17.Too much love will kill you
18.Mother love
Queen The B-Sides

Made in 2004
Self explanatory really, contains tracks used as B sides. These tracks do not appear on any album. In brackets is the A side in which they appear.
1...See what a fool I been (seven seas of rhye)
2...A human body (play the game)
3...Soul brother (under pressure)
4...I go crazy (radio gaga)
5...Thank god its xmas (a winters tale)
6...Blurred vision (one vision)
7...A dozen red roses for my darling (akind of magic)
8...Forever (who wants to live forever)
9...Stealin' (breakthru)
10.Hijack my heart (the invisable man)
11.My life has been saved (scandal)
12.Lost opportunity (I'm going slightly mad)
13.Mad the swine (headlong)
14.Rock in rio blues (a winters tale)
Queen Mega mix

Made in 2004

This CD contains just one track of loads of Queen songs that are basically mixed together. Running time is about 30 mins and a great Cd to play if you cant wait for the next track to begin ;) breaks just one long Queen mix. No case with this one just artwork on the Cd.
Freddie Mercury - A tribute

Made in 2004

A VCD I made as a tribute to the great Freddie Mercury. I made this in 2004 leading up to the anniversary of Freddie's passing. It consists of a couple of songs that tie in with sequenced pictures of Freddie through the years. I still watch this regulary today and was going to work on it a bit to improve the visuals but decided to keep it as it is.

This video is now available to view on this website.

Click on link below to view video.
Freddie Mercury Tribute


Freddie - Montage

Made in 2002

A framed picture montage I made when bored one day in 2002, quite big this one and measures 20"x16".

I was pleased with the outcome of this.
It's been a regular feature on my wall since it was made and will feature in my Queenroom.

Everyone always comments on this picture when they see it displayed on my wall, some even think that the Freddie sig is real, but unfortunatly only a print. ;).

Still I enjoyed making this and did hope to make a Brian or Roger one, but it has'nt happened yet.

Freddie - Montage

Made in 2004

This other Freddie framed montage was made for a competition. I put together a Queen quiz that I hosted on another Queen site in June 2004, and I offered this to the winner of the competition. It was disappointing as only 5 people turned up to take part and only 2 really knew anything about Queen, so as you can imagine I was a bit disappointed but I stuck to my word and sent this frame to the winner with a small congrats note attached.

I no longer speak with the owner of this frame but I hope they will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


Friends of Queen t-shirt

Made in 2005


This was a t-shirt I designed for members of the Friends of Queen forum, around about 12 shirts were made and you had your username on the front breast area. You may of seen a few being worn at the past conventions or gigs.


Freddie Mercury Rose print

Photo taken in 2007



This is a Quality print of the Freddie Mercury Rose. The picture was taken by myself in the summer of 2007 and shows the rose in it's full glory. I made a few of these available for free and sent them to my good friends.


Freddie Mercury Poem

Written in 2007

I wrote this poem prior to November 24th 2007, and put together a picture to make it look more presentable. The idea came to me as most media like radio stations, tv, tabloids etc only ever mention Freddie near or on the day he sadly passed away. This poem was to let everyone know that I and my many Queen friends think of the legend that is Freddie everyday. The poem was also posted on the Official fan club website on 23rd Nov in this year. Thanks to Jacky also for her kind words.



Replica Garden lodge door

Made in 2009



I came up with this crazy idea of making a replica of the entrance door to Garden Lodge and then installing it as the entrance to my Queen room.

I made the door myself over the course of a few days, then tried to get as near as I could the colour to match. I was not too keen on keeping the same lettering on the door as Garden Lodge so I came up with another idea of putting Queen Lodge and changing Logan Place to Andy's Place which then makes it a bit more personal to me.

As you can see from the photo on the left it has turned out quite good. If you would like to view more photos of this project feel free to click here.

I have also decided that any of my Queen friends who visit my Queen room that they will be welcome to sign the back of the door if they choose.

You really are crazy, but then you know that already:-))!
I think you've done a great job, the colour is good.
(Peter Freestone)

This is brilliant Andy! You're so clever!
(Jacky Smith)