Memorabilia Autographs Memorabilia

This is my collection of autographs of Queen members and related.
Click on the image for the full pictures and info.

Freddie Mercury (x1)

Brian May (x13)

Roger Taylor (x5)

John Deacon (x1)

Tim Staffell (x5)

Spike Edney (x2)

Jamie Moses (x4)

Montserrat Caballe (x1)

Peter Freestone (x3)

Jim Beach (x1)

Jer Bulsara (x3)

Kashmira Cooke (x3)

Other Signatures
Jacky Smith (x2)

DSR tribute band (x1)

Lynn Carey Saylor (x1)

Diana Moseley (x1)

Mercury tribute band (x3)

Mig Ayesa(x1)

Anita dobson (x1)

Jeff Scott Soto (x6)

Gina Star (x1)