Over 1800 photos, inc price guide and additional information. Come and see my pride and joy.
This is where my collection calls home, all displayed in a purpose built room. Worth a look.
There are loads of pics of Queen art out there and Ltd edition prints , here is just a small collection of my own.
Various photograph galleries from my Queenworld including some highlights. Coming Soon!
My exploits in taking part in Freddie for a day to raise money for the MPT. Coming Soon!
Contains complete accurate listings of all released songs inc solo albums, most with midi.
Links to official Queen sites as well as fan sites including collecting plus much more.
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Well if you just found this place I have no doubt you are a Queen fan so welcome to my own personal Queen site that is dedicated to the best band in the world (my opinion anyhow). This site gives you the unique opportunity to look through my collection, read and see what Queenie things I get up too and hopefully decide that I am a normal fella ;) and I'm sure you will find some of the stuff here not only helpful but also entertaining only if you a Queen fan though ;). If you like the site let me know by either signing my guestbook or getting in touch, feedback is always welcome as well as any ideas you think I could implement to improve this site. Enjoy and keep rocking!!

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An introduction about this site, and find out a little about how I got into Queen and a few favs.
Recent events in my Queen world with some info and photographs of gigs, meet ups, conventions & general goings on.
A selection of various projects I have done over the years, will hope to do more in the future.
My personal tribute page to Freddie Mercury, a legend that will live on for ever.
A look at the Freddie Mercury rose with some personal pictures of my own and information.
A few games and quizzes to test your knowledge on Queen put together by myself, java needed.
Like this site or just want to say hello, feel free to leave a comment, feedback welcome.
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