The Freddie Mercury Rose was propagated in 1993 by Battersby Roses and registered with the International Registration Authority For Roses in the USA, The naming of the Rose was decided on Fan club members who donated to the fund in order to raise the £2,000 needed to name and register it. The money was quickly raised and the first bushes were made available early 1994. The rose is yellow with a pink tint and was chosen as Freddie's favorite roses were yellow.

The first Freddie Mercury Roses were sent to Freddie's mum, his sister Kashmira, Mary Austin, Roger, Brian, John and other people that were close to Freddie. Since then a limited batch have been propagated every year and have been made available at Queen conventions or through Battersby Roses themselves with a donation of each sale going to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

In August 2006 I ordered 2 bushes from Battersby Roses and in November 2006 they arrived, I went out bought two pots good rose compost and feed and potted them and watched patiently as they grew into some splendid specimens, below you can view pictures of my bushes and how they formed into beautiful Flowers that I'm sure Freddie would of been proud of.

Battersby Roses do NOT propogate these anymore, instead there is another nursery who are still going to be making these available. I have permission from the nursery to add their contact details to this page to make it easier for other Queen and Freddie fans to be able to own this beautiful Freddie Mercury Rose. Details are at the bottom of the page. (written by Andy Sparks -

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Photo Gallery of my Freddie Roses
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Now transfered from the pots to my garden border in 2007.
Freddie Rose in my Queen Room
Freddie Rose on location to Montreux
I picked a Freddie rose from my garden and carefully escorted it with me to Montreux to place at the statue of Freddie as a tribute.
Freddie Rose on location to Garden Lodge
A Freddie rose from my garden came with me to Garden lodge and I pinned it to the door as a tribute to Freddie.
Purchase information for The Freddie Mercury Rose.
If you want to get a Freddie rose contact this garden centre. At the time of writing this the cost to UK customers inc delivery was £10.85 per bush. This Freddie Rose cannot be sent to USA due to laws.

R. V. Roger Ltd
Malton Road
North Yorkshire
YO18 7JW

Tel: 01751 472226

Or visit their website...