Video Queen Rocks Video
Fast fact ...Japan had a laserdisc issue with an obi and insert.


Queen Rocks
VHS video (QD010001QP)

UK issue in EX condition
Price guide £12

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Produced by Jim Beach and Rudi Dolezal
Directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher.

Throughout the video there are shots of a photo gallery, with many Queen photos hanging from wires. Before each video, a title screen is shown, featuring a Queen photo from the gallery alongside the song's title. All of the videos are either montages, or new edits of the older videos, with additional footage.

  1. Queen Rocks
    This features interviews with Brian and Roger about the album, and features short excerpts of, in order, 'I Can't Live With You', 'Seven Seas Of Rhye', 'I Want It All', 'Stone Cold Crazy', 'Headlong', 'I Can't Live With You', 'We Will Rock You', 'I'm In Love With My Car' and 'Fat Bottomed Girls'.
  2. Tie Your Mother Down (Through The Years)
  3. It's Late
  4. Headlong
  5. Now I'm Here
  6. I Want It All
  7. Tear It Up
  8. One Vision (Extended Version)
  9. I'm In Love With My Car
  10. We Will Rock You
  11. Seven Seas Of Rhye
  12. Hammer To Fall
  13. Keep Yourself Alive
  14. Stone Cold Crazy
  15. Put Out The Fire
  16. Sheer Heart Attack
  17. Fat Bottomed Girls
  18. No-One But You
  19. I Can't Live With You (Titles)
  20. Bonus: The Making Of No-One But You
    This features new interviews with Roger and Brian, where they discuss the song itself and the making of the video, and also features footage from the video and backstage.