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Fast fact ...The remixes on Queen the eye were especially made for the game.


Queen the Eye (UK version)
PC CD-ROM Electronic Arts DDE05501101
5 disk CD-ROM set featuring PC game, and 60 CD audio tracks which are instrumental and editted versions of Queen tracks these are also used in the game.

Price guide: usually goes for £50


Here's the track listing from the CD's, you can play these tracks on a normal CD player, BUT DON'T attempt to play track 1 on each disk as this contains the PC software.

The Arena Domain
Made In Heaven (Instrumental Edit) / I Want It All (Part Vocal Mix) / Dragon Attack (Instrumental) / Fight From The Inside (Instrumental) / Hang On In There (Instrumental Edit) / In The Lap Of The Gods Revisited (Vocal Edit) / Modern Times Rock'n'Roll (Instrumental) / More Of That Jazz (Instrumental Remix) / We Will Rock You (Live Instrumental with Game Dialogue) / Liar (Instrumental Edit) / The Night Comes Down (Instrumental Edit) / Liar (Instrumental Edit) / Chinese Torture (Original Instrumental) / I Want It All (Instrumental Remix)

The Works Domain
Mustapha (Vocal Intro) / Mother Love (Instrumental Edit) / You Take My Breath Away (Instrumental Edit) / One Vision (Effects Edit) / Sweet Lady (Vocal Edit) / Was It All Worth It (Instrumental Edit) / Get Down Make Love (Instrumental) / Heaven For Everyone (Instrumental) / Hammer To Fall (Instrumental) / A Day At The Races (Instrumental Intro) / One Vision (Instrumental Edit) / It's Late (Vocal Edit) / Procession (Original Instrumental) / Made In Heaven (Instrumental)

The Theatre Domain
It's A Beautiful Day (Instrumental Edit) / Don't Lose Your Head (Instrumental Edit) / Princes Of The Universe (Instrumental Edit) / A Kind Of Magic (Part Vocal Remix) / Gimme The Prize (Part Vocal Remix) / Bring Back That Leroy Brown (Vocal Edit) / A Kind Of Magic (Vocal Edit) / You Don't Fool Me (Instrumental Remix) / Let Me Entertain You (Instrumental Edit) / Khashoggi's Ship (Instrumental Edit) / Who Wants To Live Forever (Original "Forever" Instrumental) / Don't Try So Hard (Vocal Edit) / Was It All Worth It (Instrumental Edit)

The Innuendo Domain
Brighton Rock (Intro) / I'm Going Slightly Mad (Instrumental Edit) / Bijou (Instrumental Edit) / Khashoggi's Ship (Instrumental Edit) / The Show Must Go On (Instrumental) / The Hitman (Instrumental Edit) / Too Much Love Will Kill You (Vocal Edit) / I Can't Live With You (Part Vocal Remix) / Love Of My Life (Instrumental Edit)

The Final Domain
Death On Two Legs (Instrumental Edit Part 1) / Death On Two Legs (Instrumental Edit Part 2) / Ride The Wild Wind (Instrumental) / Headlong (Instrumental) / Breakthru (Instrumental Edit) / Hammer To Fall (Instrumental) / Gimme The Prize (Instrumental Edit) / The Hitman (Instrumental Edit) / Don't Lose Your Head (Original Vocal) / Gimme The Prize (Vocal Remix)