Misc Fun Stuff Misc

This is stuff I dont take too seriously, usually only purchase it for fun or because it's to do with Queen ;).
Though I do have most of this stuff made or bought for me.

US dollar with Freddie Mercury in the middle
Freddie Mercury cd clock with wooden frame
Queen Canvas bag
A Kind of Magic clock
Freddie Eggcup
Queen Rock montreal mousemat
Anato mousemat
The miracle in jigsaw format
1000 piece queen jigsaw
Freddie replica cap, bought this for 20p at a bootsale...sad eh.
Queen lighter
Big brandy glass with Queen painted on the side.
Dancing Penguin
Queen Keyfob
Queen Address book
Queen Pen
WWRY toothbrush
Bohemian Raspberry icecream (empty)
This was made by my daughter when she was 12 for me. It was made in her school for a project.
Star glasses (wwry/spread your wings video)
Place mats (sealed)
Cigarette Tin