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See What A Fool I've Been
Written by Brian May

Well she's gone dear
Gone this morning, um yes
Ow, see what a fool I've been
Oh Lord, cutchie cool
What a fool I've been
Yes, I dig it
Too much

Didn't leave me no letter
Didn't leave no warning
You naughty thing you, ooh
Well I guess I am to blame, oh lord
I guess I'm all to blame
See you later singer boy
Chow, right now you, take it

Hope my little dog ain't too hungry, no, no, no
He just kept on barking, the vicious thing
Just don't seem the same, oh no, no
It just, oh tell us, it don't feel the same, ooh
See you later now
Now hit it - like that
Coming on strong


Oh, well I got so lonely
Went and told my neighbour
She said
Oooh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh lord
What a fool I've been
And then she told me what to do
She said go home

Well she's gone
Gone this morning
See what a fool I've been, oh lord
What a
I've been

Thank you

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