Andy's Collection

La Japonaise
Written by Freddie Mercury & Mike Moran

Subalashii asaga akelu
Yoakega yobikakelu
Kokorono izumiga wakidelu
Yumeno yo

I feel the power of a stranger inside me
A force of magic surrounds me
This fountain within me is overflowing

Peaceful and inviting
Beautiful and enticing

Yoake kisetsu yume kibo
Umito hikariga yondeilu

Rising sun will bless my morning with a smile
A magic pearl from the seas
Born in a willow breeze
Loyal friend my guardian angel in the sky
You've served me well all these years
Greeting with both hands trusting with no fears
Till the end

Toikuino anatani miselalete
Amalinimo utsukushii yumenoyo
Itsumademo ii

Aino hikali kiboto yume

When everything is golden and everything is oh
Fuji no yuki,Kyoto no ame,Tokyo no yolu
And everything is ah

Fire and beauty
My only living treasure on this earth

(kibo hikali yume)

Asaga hohoemikakelu
Itsumo kimi dakewa kokolonotomo
Toikimino omokage shinonde
Amalinimo utsukushii yumenoyo

When everything is golden
And everything and everyone is ah



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