DVD Greatest Flix I & II DVD
Fast fact ...This dvd was never released and was given as a free gift at the 23rd Queen convention.


Queen Flix I & II
DVD (QDVD001) Ltd edition no 25011 & 25012

UK issue in Mint condition
Price guide £10

Additional information

This was a free gift at the 23rd Queen convention and this dvd was never released.

Back in 1997 Queen productions did a deal with DVD manufacturer Pioneer. It was agreed that this DVD would be given free with the DVD player they were lauching at the time. There were approximately 25-30,000 pressed.

The machines went into the shops but were found to have some kind of fault or problem and because of this, the machines could not be sold and so these DVD's never went out.

These DVD's never saw the light of day and were in storage ever since. Queen agreed to allow the fan club to have enough of them for everyone attending the Queen convention to have one each. All are individually numbered with a unique tracklisting.