Andy on BBC South Today
Febuary 20th 2008
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This is a short film that was done for the BBC region South Today and was broadcast on 20th Feb 08. It was fun to do though I was nervy and this film is well edited. During the filming Freddie was here about two and half hours and I talked about a lot of Queen topics and mainly about how my room was built and my Queen collection, though a lot of the filming didnt get shown due to fitting it in with the time scale. This is just a little insight into my passion for all things Queen.
And I'd like to say many thanks to Freddie Rostrand for putting this together.

Note: This video is owned by the BBC and not to be used or broadcast anywhere else.
I have the kind permission of the owner of the video to show this on my website, though the copyright of the video does not belong to me.

This is me with the maker of the film. Freddie Rostrand.

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