Here you can find the recent going's on in my Queen world, including all thing's Queen, recent events, gigs and articles. All pictures are my copyright unless otherwise stated.

Queen + Paul Rodgers
24th September 2008

I made the trip over to Paris for the Queen + Paul Rodgers gig at the Bercy, here I have written a review of the gig with a little insight on what I thought of the performance by the new band and generally a personal view of what a great time I had at this gig. Click the link on the left to read my review.

Arundel Castle
23rd August 2008

This was a last minute booking for me as I thought I would make the short journey to Arundel Castle to have a look at this show which was touring the country. The show included three ex cast members from the wwry musical, Mig, Rachael and Peter and also present cast member, Mazz Murray. Surrounded by the English National Orchestra they performed hit after hit of Queen songs to great effect. It was a great show and much better than I thought it would be. Hit the link on the left to view some of my pictures from the show and as a bonus I have some videos uploaded to you tube for your viewing pleasure.

Garden Lodge
17th May 2008


I was going to be in London for the FA Cup final, but first I decided to visit Garden Lodge with a Freddie Mercury rose that I cut from my garden just before I left for my trip to London.
I took the rose and pinned it to the door at Garden Lodge as a tribute to Freddie. I dedicated this rose to Freddie whom we all still miss greatly from all the fans around the world.
Click on the link on the left to see some of my pictures.


Queen Convention 2008
28-29-30-31 March 2008


This was the 23rd Queen convention held at Brean Sands and once again what another great weekend. The atmosphere was electric, all the bands this year were brilliant, inc the special guests Jeff & Patti and you couldnt of asked for better company throughout the whole event. Once again our thanks go out to Jacky for another well organised convention which brought so much fun, laughter and so many great Queen fans together to rock to the best band ever. It was great seeing so many friends again and making new ones during an amazing weekend.

I have put some of my pics up from the convention, click on the link on the left to view, though please be patient and wait for them to load. I also want to thank Ian Knight for allowing the use of some of his pics from the weekend, please check out his website for more great Queen event photos.


My TV debut
20th Feb 2008

I was asked by Freddie Rostrand if I would like to do a short film on my Queen passion for bbc's south today programme, after some thought I decided to go ahead with it. Freddie came round and I chatted with him for some hours about all things Queen. Though the film is highly edited, I was very pleased with the outcome and glad I went through with it. Just a little insight into my passion for Queen.

The film plus a little write up is now on the south today website along with a lot of other folk with mad passions in there life. check it out.

Queen Room Video
3rd Feb 2008

This is a video I made of my Queenroom using various pictures I have taken since the room was completed. I have also included a few good mates who have visited the room and some pics of the family.

I have used the start of made in heaven as an intro and used the song heaven for everyone to really sum up what this room means to me. If you would like to leave a comment on the video please follow the link and sign into you tube.

Hope you enjoy.


I have written a review of the year with some of my experiences involving Queen & Queen events and great Queen people during the year of 2007. Hope you have time to read, though it is a little long. For pictures of any events check previous posts below.

I am also looking forward to another Queen filled time in 2008. What's in store...who knows, but I hope to be part of it. :).



National Press
27th Dec 07 - 2nd Jan 08

Over the xmas period and into the new year I appeared in a few national newspapers much to my surprise as I had no idea these articles were going to be published. The articles were once again about my Queen room and the first I knew about them was when I was informed by some friends who had recognised me while browsing the paper. First I was in The Times, then The Daily Star, and finally The Daily Sport (yeh I I think these articles came from the same source from an interview I did back in september 07 though I did not receive no financial rewards from these. Brian May also featured the Times article on his website.
Click on the link to view the scanned in articles.


Queen Party - Oakdene
3rd November 2007

Another party is over and a great party it was too. Once again we had good entertainment, nice friendly people and I had some excellent company throughout the evening. Bands for the night were Rushing With Apathy, Stillyano, and the Queen tribute band The Queens. Me and my friends won the quiz and got hold of some nice queenie prizes for our efforts. Great to see Jacky from the fan club again and catch up with some good mates I not seen in a while. We also had Brian Hellyer who performed some amazing magic for us. All round it was a good night. Click on the link to view some pictures taken from the evening.


Mercury Tribute Band - Review
The Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

On Friday 5th October I was invited up to Nottingham to this gig by the band and have a look behind the scenes of the making of an extraordinary Queen tribute show.
It was a great night and the whole setup and show impressed me imensely. I have written a small review of my experiences during the day and the evening show.

If you get a chance, check this band out, you wont be disappointed.

My English bulldog Freddie has turned 2 years old today on the 21st September, and to mark the occasion I have put together a photo album of some of his best pictures I have taken of him since he became part of my family. He is a great and lovable dog and shows everyone so much affection and brings great joy into my life like his namesake. Freddie was registered as Chevals Mr Mercury and I want to thank Donna & Derek Wyatt for finally making a dream come true for me in owning one of these amazing breeds of dog.
This was the 5th Freddie Mercury memorial weekend held in Montreux Switzerland. This was the first time I had been able to go to the place Freddie loved so much, and what a great weekend it was. Here I have posted some of my pictures that I had taken. The weekend was as I expected...emotional, breathtaking, fun and interesting to say the least. One of the things I managed to achieve was take a Freddie rose grown in my garden and place it at the statue as a tribute to Freddie.
What a place this is.
I was contacted by The News which is a Portsmouth based local paper who had seen my website and heard about my Queen obsession and they asked me if they could do a feature on my Queen room and my collection. After some thought I invited them into my home and this is what they came up with. Bear in mind that this has been edited to fit in with the space that was made available for the article. The News has about 250,000 daily readers.
Jacky's party 30th june 2007
Coming soon!
Roger was in Portsmouth on May 12th 2007 to welcome Sir Robin Knox Johnson home who just sailed around the world, Roger sponsored him and Sir Robin used Dont stop me now as an inspirational song during the voyage. when I heard he was going to be here in my hometown, I could'nt resist in going to see him and say hello ;). This was the first time I had met Roger, been very close a few times before, and have to say what a gent he is.
Queen Convention 2007
Coming soon!

Check back soon for more. You never know I might even backdate ;)