Mercury Tribute Band
The royal Concert Hall Nottingham
5th October 2007
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The Royal Concert Hall
By Andy sparks

I was invited up to Nottingham for this show and once again to watch the ultimate tribute band we know as Mercury. As a big Queen fan for 30 years I have seen many Queen tribute acts but not many come close to the experience of a Queen live gig than these boys.

This time I went along to see how these great shows are put together from the initial set up to the high you feel after all the energy has been pumped from you. All the work rate of the band and crew is just pure dedication and professionalism with every small detail thought out and you can see this band has so much pride in getting every thing right as not to disappoint the many fans who follow them.

Backstage it was busy with so much going on in getting the equipment set up and the staging and lighting spot on. I was overwhelmed with how much gear had to be unpacked, rigged up and tested. I knew then this gig was going to be a special night. It is surprising how much teamwork and dedication goes into one of these shows and all the hard work the boys put in.

The show commenced to nearly a full house at this beautiful venue with a taster of It’s a beautiful day before the band came on stage to rapturous applause and they kicked straight off with one vision then continued to play hit after hit of all the Queen classics with brilliant effect. Joseph Lee Jackson the Freddie of the band has all the moves choreographed nicely and an amazing near uncanny voice that sounds like Freddie himself. He uses the stage well including the special walkway that wraps nicely around the band and works so well with the lighting effects.

Glenn the guitarist was impressive and really pulled off an ultimate tribute to Brian with his solo, Pat the drummer, sat behind an impressive piece of kit and beating out a steady rhythm was superb as were Steve the bass player and Lee on the keyboards and Mike, who played an impressive piece during innuendo.

The audience played a big part during the show and it was amazing to watch as they joined in with Radio Ga Ga, We will Rock You, We are the Champions and you could see they were enjoying themselves like never before. People were dancing in the aisles singing and you could see folks of all ages having a great time and really believing they were watching Queen. The atmosphere was electric. At the end of the show the audience arose to give the band a standing ovation. It was great to see.

I have seen this band perform before on many occasions but this night was special and I’m sure that those there who witnessed this great performance didn’t go away disappointed, because I know I didn’t.

The authenticity of this show and performance is amazing, the costumes, the music, the equipment and lighting and pyros was just perfect. Two hours of Queen music that really hit home that Mercury are still defiantly one of the best tribute bands around, the music of Queen is still very much alive and rocking.

Thanks to all the band for a great experience, a great show and the hospitality that
was shown to me by all involved on a brilliant day.

Please check out the Mercury website for more info on the band and the up and coming tour dates