Andy Sparks in the National press
27th December 07 - 2nd January 08
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The Times
This is the small article in The Times, as you can see I am cropped out of the photo and once again they have the write up wrong. I have about 2,000 items and not the 3,000 they have written here. I am not happy about the fact they have put what I paid for my house when I moved. Still..
Brian May's website
Brian May's website also picked up on this story from the Times and it was featured on his news section. Nice to get a mention on the Great man's website.
The Daily Sport
This is the Daily Sport write up, made me laugh this one, not bad though with a bit of humour thrown in. Seems they think I dont have a kitchen haha. My mate at work told me about this one, and I phoned up the Daily sport and kindly requested the paper which they sent through to me. Not sure many people I know would of seen this.